simply fresh
  • What is the primary product of ‘Simply Fresh’?
    Simply Fresh produces micro greens that stand unique for genuine taste, rich aroma and aesthetic appeal.
  • Where are Simply Fresh’s farms located?
  • What is the reason for choosing Hyderabad as the location for business and production activities?
  • Who are the founders of Simply Fresh?
  • When was Simply Fresh started, and when did the company get its first order?
  • What is the product portfolio of Simply Fresh?
  • What is the immediate market(s) for Simply Fresh products?
  • What is the business model of Simply Fresh?
  • Does Simply Fresh import seeds from foreign countries?
  • Form where did Simply Fresh source its technology for seedless farming?
  • What are the differentiators of Simply Fresh?
  • What are micro greens salad boxes, and where are they available?
  • Can I become a franchisee of Simply Fresh?