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Grow your Knowledge of Greens

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Here's a ready-reckoner on greenhouses, greens and greens grown in greenhouses.

Living Greens are actually that; greens that are alive and connected to their growing source. Simplyfresh Living Lettuce come to you with their roots intact,which means, they last longer and stay fresher.

Hmmm… let’s just say, a lot longer than other greens. Since our greens are attached to their source, Simplyfresh Living Greens can last over 7 days in your refrigerator.

Good question. First, it helps to cut down on food waste, as grocers can keep the produce on the shelf longer, than tossing it out into the trash can. People who buy our greens can keep it longer, meaning, less food goes in the trash can. Second, this kind of handling needs less land and less water to maintain the plant’s health. Most importantly, the greens you consume are incredibly nutritious and stay longer that way.

Our Living Greens thrive in greenhouses that receive abundant sunlight. Greenhouses allow us to precisely control the amount of light, which makes the lettuce thrive in optimal conditions. In fact, we can manage the amount of light each plant requires and receives, with a computer system that monitors the weather. This and occasional use of artificial lights ensure that our plants are both reliable and healthy, even in unpredictable weather.

Hydroponics, or growing with water systems, allow us to be very green with our greens. Not only do we use much less water than conventional growing in soil, but we can better control the amount of water and mineral nutrients each plant receives.

Our dirt, in other words, our root ball, is actually certified organic peat moss. It has more nutrients, is more breathable and more sustainable than plain old dirt.

Our Hydroponic water system uses up to 90% less water than conventional growing. As we grow in greenhouses, we use much less space, as well. Our farm has a large man made lake, where we accumulate water through rain water harvesting and reuse it by sterilising and treating with essential nutrients.

We love our lettuce. And we don’t want to hurt the feelings of our fellow lettuce growers. That said, if lettuce is not connected to its roots, it’s no longer connected to its life-force. In other words, it’s dead. It’s neither breathing, eating, growing or tasting as it was meant to taste.

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