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Precision Farming Asia, backed by Proterra Investment Partners, is a Singapore-headquartered global AgTech platform. Proterra Investment Partners is a leading global Private Equity Fund (~US$4.0 billion in committed capital) with specialist insights in food & agriculture. Precision Farming Asia is the lead investor in “Simply Fresh”, which has commissioned India’s largest precision farming site, the “Plant Factory”. The “Plant Factory” is a state-of-art facility with a land area of ~140 acres and located 110 km north of Hyderabad. The facility comprises 26 acres of operational polyhouses, APEDA certified packhouse, 6-acre man-made waterbody and support infrastructure (dormitories & canteen).

Simply Fresh is a one-stop leader providing healthy, fresh, and high-quality agricultural produce ranges in nutraceutical plants, herbs, leafy greens, microgreens, and vine crops for direct consumption and nutraceutical usage. The greenhouses support some of the most effective growing techniques- benches, gutters, and pots which are further supported by AI-driven fertigation and irrigation systems. Simply Fresh is a technology-driven, precision farming company that uses innovation and recognized global farming techniques to facilitate sustainable agriculture. Simply Fresh prides itself on using AI with insights into plant physiology to develop better farming practices that do not exhaust natural resources and maintain the nutritional value of the produce.

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