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Simplyfresh uses farming technology based on AI, Climate Engineering and Hydroponics. Rain-harvested water is stored in a man-made lake on the farm and its capacity suffices irrigation utility for up to 6 months. All of this means, consumption of only 1/10th of the electricity and water than that required by traditional farming practices. Moreover, the greenhouses at Simplyfresh farms do not use coolants, air-conditioners or chemical-based cooling systems. They work with simple evaporative cooling technology that creates an environment that’s cooler inside. The elevated roof, completely retractable structures, UV shields and airways regulate the climate inside. All this is made possible owing to continued practice of intrinsic R&D.

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The journey

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It starts with the entire container of seeds undergoing an audit. If we find even a hint of contamination, the entire lot is rejected.


We then place the seeds in a dedicated enclosure where they are treated with fog, optimum temperature, and of course, loads of love.

From Baby Plants to Nursery

Based on the phase of harvest, plants are moved manually. It begins with automating the process of moving plants from Phase II to Phase III. Depending on the plant, diverse farming techniques are used. For instance, Drip Irrigation for Capsicum and Hydroponic for Lettuce. Importantly, the Nutri Mix technology stays common across the flora.


We grow our produce in a greenhouse that ensures that it is pure and clean. The roofing of the greenhouse ensures that the fledgling plants are introduced to sunlight in a steady manner. It starts from 90% blockage of sunlight to 50% to 10 % blockage of sunlight.


Our plants are nurtured with RO-processed water so that they grow with nothing but purity. Moreover, the water our plants receive is just the amount required. In fact, our faming uses only 1/10th of water than what is required by traditional farming methods.


Our produce is grown using Precision Farming, which is a type of farming in which every plant is given exactly the type and quantity of nutrients required. This dosage is arrived at, after an analysis of large amount of data.


With our AI-assisted technology and analytics, we harvest each crop when the time is right, which gives us a produce that is perfect for the next stage, that is, consumption or extraction.


Soon after the harvest, our produce is packed off to supermarkets. Or is sent to our clients in the Nutraceuticals sector, needing plant-based extracts.

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