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Precision Agriculture at Simply Fresh

Precision Agriculture is an information and technology-based farm management system that identifies, analyses and manages variability in fields by conducting crop production practices at the right place and time and in the right way, for optimum profitability, sustainability and protection of the land resource.

Simply Fresh uses cutting-edge technologies like Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) to promote low-input, high-efficiency, sustainable agriculture, and healthy food production.


Use of world class high-tech solutions which sense and regulate the climate inside the greenhouses and maintains a favorable micro-climate suiting each crop need.


Reducing the environmental load where-in the 6 acres of rainwater harvesting pond in our farm is used for irrigation utility.


Our Proprietary software, ‘Farm in A Box’ ensures traceability by end-to-end tracking, right from seeding to order delivery.


Consistent quality and year-round production by efficient use of water and nutrient which are tailored to each crop.


Zero-pesticide fully traceable produce by using eco-friendly Integrated Pest Management (IPM) measures which levels us a step up towards food safety.


Optimized our seeding and harvesting with our advanced technology to reduce wastage.

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