simply fresh


Urban agriculture

Based in Newzealand EcoForms is a family-founded business that grew out of the desire to find an alternative to artificial farming.

The seed of our efforts was the founding of best farm in 2005.

Simply Fresh’s farms are located in Shameerpet, Hyderabad. Our HACCP Certified farms produce 40+ varieties of micro greens, edible flowers, 15+ varieties leafy greens, strawberries, ready to eat salad boxes and ginger for export. Our farm makes use of the soilless farming for the production of micro greens. The soilless farming technology is based on indigenous farming techniques of Australia and New Zealand. We source the best quality seeds from Australia and New Zealand for the production at our farm. This will ensure the supply of fresh-in-taste, rich-in-aroma, and free-of-chemicals produce to chefs, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets across the world. Our farms present inventory readiness, consistent quality, and freshness of produce. We can meet the export requirement of produce, at short-notice. Our farms in Shameerpet, Hyderabad will duly complement and consolidate the export of micro greens and other leafy greens from our farms in Australia and New Zealand. Insect control at our farms is achieved through integrated pest management practices that include use of beneficial insects, neem oil and garlic, and pheromone insect traps. We also grow companion plants at the farm’s periphery to attract harmful insects, and provide a safe and protective environment for our produce.




The Six
of simply fresh
eco system.
We optimize distribution of water, fertilizer and arable land,
saving time, money and natural resources, increasing sustainability