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Better late than never!

Rumour has it that a pill can solve thousand problems. We have all probably taken the medical and healthcare advancements for granted, and have enough exploited ourselves with passionate diets and lifestyles. However, the beginning of this decade is proving us otherwise. It is now evident that we have to build our physical and mental strength internally, strengthen our immune system to be combat ready always.

Strong immune system is required not just for fighting flu viruses, but also to keep the trending lifestyle diseases at bay. We are also seeing a dramatic increase in the number of auto immune disorders. Now is the time to tackle this without waiting for the next medical emergency. Immunity building is a process and it involves making some healthy choices, and pursuing them consistently.

Eat lots of greens! Especially Arugula, Kale, Lettuce and Spinach to keep away viruses. There is a reason why these are called the super foods of the current times. They are very good immunity boosters and contain compounds which are antiviral.

Brighter the colours, greater the antioxidants. Immunity and antioxidants go hand in hand. Colourful fruity peppers, berries, and tomatoes provide a blast of vitamin c.

The amazing benefits of aromatics and herbs like Sage, Rosemary, basil, Oregano and many more have been mentioned time and again. Immunity boosting capacity of these herbs is a well proven fact.

All these veggies and greens contain Vitamins and minerals that you need for a healthy immune system. Vitamin C, A,E, foliate, antioxidants, iron, selenium, zinc and more – they are responsible for creating those disease fighting antibodies in your system.

But where do you find this produce? How do you include it in your diet? What is the nutritional role that they play?

We have worked out a perfect solution for the situation. Simply fresh farms offer a variety of fresh produce and medicinal plants grown in state – of – the – art hydroponic greenhouses. The Plants grown here are profiled and provided with nutrients in their natural forms to ensure the bio availability of all essential nutrients in the food we eat.

Here are some amazing anti viral herbs and immunity boosting produce that Simply Fresh offers.

Kale for Immune system


One of the most Nutrient-Dense foods on the planet. Supplies ample amounts of Vit – A,K,C, Calcium and many more. It helps you maintain healthy eyes healthy heart and healthy bones.

One can feel the difference in their health and wellbeing after consuming kale regularly, that it can replace and get you rid of all the supplements.


Arugula for Immune system

Arugula is a powerfood that helps fight cancer. It is rich in chorophyll which prevents liver damage. It has 90% water content and is very hydrating. It is good for bone health and weight loss. It protects the brain from ageing and cognitive decline. It detoxifies the body and helps reduce inflammation.

Arugula for Immune system
fruity peppers for immune system

Fruity Peppers

It’s the sweetest pepper you ever had!

100g of this fruit contains 253% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C. 17% Vitamin B6 that promotes brain health. 14% Folate which is vital for blood cells production. The bright colours load the fruit with Antioxidants. The perfect formula of an immunity booster.


rosemary for immune system

Rosemary fights disease and pathogens. It plays an active role in prevention on staph infections. Boosts the production of red blood cells. It has analgesic properties and fights bacterial infections. Its wondrous aroma is very effective as a mood enhancer. Who would not want it always in store!

rosemary for immune system
basil for immune system


This sweet, flavoursome, nutritionally rich herb is an anti-stress solution, immune booster. It is rich in antioxidants, has anti-ageing properties and also helps fight cancer.

Swiss Chards

Swiss chards for immune system

Chards have high antioxidants and vitamin C. Also provide a major boost for bone health with significant amount of calcium. Other minerals like magnesium and vitamin K.

Increase blood circulation and oxygenation to essential organs within the body. Reduces blood pressure and stress on the cardiovascular system.

Swiss chards for immune system
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